Enimine Li – Po Battery

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In accordance with the production times, we expect to ships your perks between the month of February – April. All the perks will be shipped by DHL – Express Tracked Courier. Please, remember that Customs Clearance costs, if any, shall be borne by the addressee. Each state, according to its own taxation, applies its fees to the imported goods. We are not able to eliminate or control Customs and Customs Clearance costs of your countries, and we cannot declare a lower value than the one of your donation. In the event that, at your choice, you decide not to pay Customs Clearance for the product once it arrived in your state, the package will be abandoned at Customs point and we will not issue any refund. Keep in mind that some shipments may be restricted in some countries outside the USA, Canada and the EU. Countries where it is difficult to import because of the high costs for Customs Clearance and restrictions are: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Turkey, Russia. Countries where it is impossible to import because of restrictions about the Airsoft are: Israel, India, Malaysia, Peru, Slovakia, South Korea, Vietnam.


The supplied battery lasts about 10 hours with the system activated and about 50 hours with the system in stand-by mode, with an indicative number of releases equal to 60 / 80.

It can be recharged with standard chargers for 7.4v / 11.1v  Li-po batteries commonly available on the market.


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