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The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign just started for Levia, the levitating desk lamp totally designed and made in Italy, truly one of a kind, thanks to its revolutionary technology, the precious marble base and, above all, at an affordable price to everyone.
Turning on Levia will be like seeing a little, surprising, magic show: imagine a light bulb floating in the air, as if it could fly, right at your home. Well, this is Levia.
The principle that allows such “prodigy” is the magnetic levitation, a method by which one object is suspended on another, thanks to a magnetic field which can combat the gravitational pull effect. That’s why Levia is a bundle of design, technology and “magic”.
But how is Levia made? A high-quality design – with simple shapes and meticulous attention to detail – combined with the hand-working of each piece of marble, according to the age-old tradition of Italian craftsmanship, makes this lamp truly one of a kind. The metal stem, equipped with the levitation system at the end that allows the LED filament bulb to levitate at a height of about 20 cm from the ground and outside the space of the marble base gives Levia a perfect balance between shapes and levitation distance.
The light bulb has no internal batteries LED filaments turn on via electromagnetic induction-and it’s a warm light which is often associated with positive sensations by our mind, improving, among other things, the quality of sleep, unlike the cold light. Furthermore, a touch button will allow to turn off just the LED filaments by keeping the light bulb in levitation.
“Will the light bulb fall and break in the event of blackout or accidental shocks?” You may ask. The answer is:
No! In these cases, the integrated anti-fall technology will force the light bulb to attach itself to the levitation system, and it will allow it to complete its life cycle- about 20 years.
The designers explain: «We brought a team together in order to develop a series of innovative and technology projects.
Levia is just a part of a long series projects that we’re carrying out together. What interests us most is to see our ideas achieved, and above all, to be able to invent many other. »
Such a careful prototyping process, combined with the study and the selection of high-quality materials – such as Carrara marble and Marquina marble – allowed idea3Di Company to get a perfectly functional and tested product to last over time, suitable to any kind of environment and furniture.
<< After our first successful project “Geizeer” – continue the young idea3Di makers -, by which we raised more than 700,000 € through Indiegogo and Kickstarter web platforms, we again chose crowdfunding to show Levia and raise funds to start large scale production, hoping to match and, why not, exceed results achieved in our previous campaigns >>.
The project was showed for the first time to the public during the Maker Faire 2018-European Edition in Rome in mid- October, enjoying great success and surprising thousands of visitors with its “magic”, as the two inventors of Levia, Damiano and Ferdinando, tell us: “visitors stopped at our booth to look at the lamp, believing that the light bulb was suspended through a colorless supporting wire. Then, when we took the bulb over and we moved it away from the lamp, people widened their eyes for the surprise. We also gave the opportunity to test it to some more suspicious visitors, to prove that there was no “trick”. Not to mention the reactions of children … >>.
Levia is now available in pre-order on Kickstarter at a discounted launch price-99 € for the Total White Carrara version and 114 € for Total Black Marquina version.

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