Copertura mediatica

Le nostre idee hanno fatto il giro del mondo!

Depura, carica, illumina. iUVì, la nuova borraccia intelligente pensata da idea3Di, unisce tecnologia e design.

The startup Geizeer is even working on a portable air conditioner

Trois alternatives au climatiseur pendant les grosses chaleurs

The small wooden box has a mesh of holes in the top and cuts in the side to let the air out and is quite an attractive little thing

Cold Breeze to Go: You Can Bring This Teeny, Tiny Air Conditioner Everywhere

In this hot weather, for the sake of the polar bears far away in the North Pole, everyone should make good use of air conditioners like "personal air conditioners"

Geizeer cube delivers personal cooling for less than 1 cent per day

A Geizeer to keep your room cool

This Wooden Cooling Box Is More Efficient Than a Fan, Cheaper Than an Air Conditioner

The Geizeer, il condizionatore naturale semplice e pratico

Geizeer, il condizionatore che vi costa 1 centesimo al giorno

The Geizeer Is an Eco-Friendly Way to Cool Down

The makers of the Geizeer cooler are aiming to upend that paradigm, with a personal AC that costs just a penny a day to operate.

idea3Di’s Water Bottle of the Future Promises Everyday Adventure

Geizeer, el aire acondicionado portátil y ecológico que refresca el ambiente sin enchufes

Creative studio idea3di launches levitating marble lamp 'levia'.

No strings attached: This levitating lamp uses science to defy gravity

This magic lamp features a light bulb that floats in mid-air

This light bulb has been cast by the floating spell of "Harry Potter"! Levitating in the air and rotating at high speed, it will still be bright?

This Levitating Desk Lamp Is Sure to Brighten-Up Your Day

Levia is a wild new lamp that levitates upside down

Levia Italian levitating lamp