Idea3Di Announces Kickstarter for Geizeer – Eco Friendly Ice Cooler & Diffuser Ideal for Home or the Office

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Most coolers are very unfriendly to the environment. Idea3Di has led the way in providing a much
more positive alternative. In exciting news, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring out
the latest model of Geizeer, an Italian-crafted eco friendly cooler and perfume diffuser.
July 16, 2019
There’s a great demand for eco friendly products of all kinds, especially when it comes to things that
are used on a daily basis. This definitely puts ice coolers on the list but the options on the market have
been non-existent. Idea3Di changed all of that with the very popular first version of the Geizeer
released in 2016, shaking up the market for the better. Now the company has announced they have had
their expert team make improvements, putting all of their research and development team skills to work
ending up with a new and improved Geizeer. Now the company has announced a Kickstarter campaign
to bring the new Italian-crafted, Eco Friendly Ice Cooler and Perfume Diffuser to market, raising the
bar even higher. The enthusiasm surrounding the potential new release is high and rising.
“We knew Geizeer was awesome already but since the first model we were able to come up with
improvements and we know this version is going to be even more popular than the first which
exceeded all of our expectations,” commented a spokesperson from idea3Di. “Support our Kickstarter
and let Geizeer bring the next-level of eco friendly luxury to your home and/or office.”
According to the company, Geizeer is cube-shaped and has a custom ice pack that allows it to put out
its cool air. It is charged by USB and has special safety features making it perfect for those with pets or
children. The air is projected out in a 360-degree radius.
Its body is attractive wood and comes complete with an air freshener, three ice packs, a micro-USB to
USB cable and a black insulated mat for it to rest on.
To learn more and to support the campaign visit Kickstarter.


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