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GomiBall: The Most Interactive Pet Toy

GomiBall: The Most Interactive Pet Toy

Gomi Ball is a new interactive and playful pet toy that will quickly become your pet’s most beloved possession. This customizable, smart, remote-control toy is made for all shapes, sizes, and species.“Having a pet is one of the great joys in life. Waking up beside them, playing with them, taking them for walks. Unfortunately, at some point we need to leave them at home alone. We always feel bad having to close that door while our pets look at us with sad eyes,” the creators explained, “ Gomi Ball lets you leave the house without worrying about your pet feeling lonely or depressed. Our innovative smart pet toy keeps your dog entertained for hours as it rolls, vibrates and captures their attention.”When you leave your pets home alone for hours, studies show that 30% of them will become depressed. Without any regular interaction or exercise, both their bodies and their minds can suffer. Even if you take your pet for walks or offer regular exercise in the mornings and evenings, the lack of activity during the day can contribute to obesity, heart disease and other physical problems.Regular pet toys, ones that do not interact with your pet, fail to capture their attention. Without you throwing them, your pet will stay dormant for the entire day. Plus, they are made from cheap material that gets dirty and breaks easily, which is hazardous for your dog when they are left alone. Gomi Ball is made from durable, antibacterial polycarbonate plastic that’s tough enough for the strongest of pets. Gomi Ball interacts with your pet using irregular patterns that keep your dog engaged and stimulated. To make sure that your pet is getting the exercise they need, you can monitor the Gomi Ball’s activity through an easy-to-use app and even interact with your pet through the app when you aren’t home. You can also program the app to send notifications whenever they begin to interact with the toy!“Give your pet the gift of endless play and exciting interaction that keeps them both physically and mentally fit with the Gomi Ball ! ” said the team, “We’ve redefined the way that your pet plays, with the smartest way to play with your pet!
The backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including one Gomi Ball for the Opening Day Special price $79 ($80 off the retail price) or theKickstarter Special price of $89. Kickstarter