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Geizeer – eco friendly ice cooling

Geizeer is a patented product and manufactured in Italy

Geizeer is a cube-shaped desk cooler and perfume diffuser, eco friendly and fruit of high Italian handcraft.The customized ice-pack allows air output to 360 degrees and a powerful air diffusion. It is a low-consumption and USB rechargeable device. That is the reason why you can use Geizeer all day long and in any location.

Geizeer is button free and it turns on due to magnetic contacts. When the two halves are not in contact with each other, the fan stops. This security system makes Geizeer safe also for children and animals.

Geizeer entered the Augmented Reality world!

You can view Geizeer in your house by downloading the "Sayduck" App. Hurry up...It's free!

Choose the colour you like

Geizeer is available in different colours to perfectly suit to any decor.