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Geizeer – eco friendly ice cooling


Geizeer is a patented product and manufactured in Italy


Geizeer was born from the necessity to make our work space more comfortable, at a cost of few cents a day.


It is not always possible nor healthy to use air conditioners on a daily basis. The high energy consumption makes it a comfortable accessory but an excessive use can cause discomfort, such as headache, stiff neck, back pain and respiratory problems. And that goes for the use of fans: by mobilizing the air, you can feel a sense of coolness but, in the meantime, you are stimulating sweat and increasing the risk of dehydration. Working, studying, sleeping, watching TV or enjoying a meal can be difficult during the hot sunny days as a consequence .

Geizeer entered the Augmented Reality world!

You can view Geizeer in your house by downloading the "Sayduck" App. Hurry up...It's free!



Geizeer is made of wood, a perfect thermal insulator. Externally it is composed of two wooden shells and metal finishing frames. Internally it contains a rechargeable battery, a micro USB port with PCBs, a DC brushless fan, an ice pack and a black insulating mat to protect the wooden structure. 



Using Geizeer for 24 hours, the power consumption will be about of few cents a day. The cooling element, previously frozen, is sealed and it contains a mixture of gels. It lasts in about 4 hours before melting and it can be reused.




The small size of the Geizeer makes it portable and it can be used in any environment.The corners are rounded, the electrical components are concealed in the specific spaces , the metal frames attach perfectly to the wood and the ice pack acts as a cone-shaped diffuser in order to make the escape of air easier, increasing the flow and range. In this way, it prevents an overheating of indoor air, due to the mechanical rotation of the blades. after a few minutes of use, the surrounding environment has a clear advantage and, magically, a very pleasant “comfort zone” is created all around Geizeer.

Designed for everyone!


Geizeer’s use is very simple. You just have to enter the cooling elements, previously frozen in the freezer, into the bottom of the cube. And then, just overlap the upper half of the cube on the bottom by aligning the two dots of each half.

In that position, the contacts come together, the electrical circuit is closed, and the fan works. To turn it off, you just have to raise the upper half and rotate it.

That’s right. There are no ignition keys!

We have studied this method of ignition to make Geizeer as safe as possible, even in the presence of children or animals.

The fan draws hot air from the upper grid which forces a loss within the cube.
After a few seconds in contact with the ice pack, the cool air is pushed out 360 ° from the cracks that divide in half Geizeer.

The ice pack is also equipped with a concave space where you can insert perfume that will make environment fragrant.
This system allows the refreshment of the entire area around Geizeer, unlike other unidirectional ventilation systems (for example some people sitting around a table). The brushless DC fan is powered at 12V and it has a life span of over 160,000 hours.

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