It’s not possible and healthy to use air conditioner frequently: high electric energy consumption makes it a luxury accessor, and the excessive use could cause some malaises like headache, stiff neck, back ache and respiratory disease. Fans, at the same time, move the air and give a refreshment sensation, but, on the other side, stimulate sweating and could increase the risk of
dehydration. Working, studying, sleeping watching tv or eating could become difficult during a sultry day, that’s why we made Geizeer, an eco-friendly ice cooling with refrigerant mixtures, which consumes less then 2 cent a day!
The project, devised by the fervent imagination of two young makers- Damiano Iannini and Ferdinando Petrella – It landed just on 10th of May 2016 on Kickstarter and on Indiegogo web site, two crowdfunding platforms, raising more then €600.000 funds which allowed Geizeer to became a large scale produced product.
Two shells in wood, metal finishing frames, a rechargeable battery, a PCBs with micro usb, a DC brushless fan and an ice pack are the essential parts of this project by a functioning as simple as ingenious.
To use it, you have just to enter the cooling elements, previously frozen from the freezer into the lower half of the cube. Now, simply overlap the two halves, so that the two signs of power coincide. In this way the contacts are touching, the electrical circuit is closed, and the fan operates. To turn it off, simply lift and rotate the cover.
That’s right. There aren’t on/off buttons.
The fan draws hot air from the upper grid which forces a loss within the cube.
The shape of the ice-pack allows a better diffusion of air. This prevents the overheating, due to the mechanical rotation of the blades.
After a few seconds in contact with the ice pack, the cooled air is pushed out to 360 degrees from slots that divide in half Geizeer.
The ice pack also provides a dedicated space where you can insert diffusers that will perfume environment.
The designers explain: «We brought a team together in order to develop a series of projects. Geizeer is just another of a long series projects that we want to achieve together.
We have chosen the crowdfunding to test how the our project can draw attention between users. It’s important for us just see our ideas achieved, and then invent some others. That is why the crowdfunding seems the best way for us».
Geizeer’s development and manufacture are been long and careful. Everything stemmed from a draft drawn up by PC, then brought to the third dimension by a lot of 3D-printing tests.
During the second phase of prototyping a CNC pantograph was used to obtain the prototypes as similar as possible to the end product, in order to make the most efficiency and functioning with wood tests.
In the third phase, Geizeer was finished and colored by the expert hands of Italian craftsmen.
In the last phase, the electrical and decorative components have been mounted.
The designers say: «We have chosen wood because of the exceptional thermal characteristics, in fact: it is a microscopic material that absorbs moisture easily, in addition to being a perfect thermal insulator.
Geizeer’s inside will remain cold and isolated from the external environment heat thanks to low conductivity and thermal capacity. It allows a good energy saving and longer life of an ice pack».
A such careful prototype process, linked to the study of different production techniques and to the priming of different materials-like steel and plastic- allowed the designers to overcome some limits faced during the creation process and to obtain a perfectly functional product, tested to endure over the long.
The ones who test Geizeer already say: «It’s a beautiful design object to keep at home, and it keep you cold in hottest days without the risk of a “hot bill” at the end of each month».
Let’s see before believing!

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