Hey! Need some help with your Crowdfunding campaign?

Our Team has been working with crowdfunding projects on international platforms “Kickstarter – Indiegogo” since 2016. We are in the Top 10 in the categories of the most funded Italian projects and a lot of world magazines like the New York Times; Digital Trends; Trhillist; Business Insider; Focus and many others talked about us…

This graph shows, in real time, the services we can offer you based on the influx of requests we have.

Initial feasibility study 71%
Campaign structure 81%
Production of graphics 57%
Complete management of social profiles 39%
Production of texts 82%
Definition of the rewards 89%
Production of photo for the campaign 73%
Video production for the campaign 29%
Press office 87%
Legal advice on Trademarks and Patents 95%

Special Services

Newsletter of over 10,000 Online Magazines 68%
Bring your Kickstarter campaign to the Top 12 51%
Promotion of your Kickstarter campaign with over 750 000 Super Backers 49%

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