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AIR PIX pre-orders now available on Indiegogo

AIR PIX pre-orders now available on Indiegogo

Minneapolis, May 28, 2019 – AirSelfie has today announced the launch of the preorder campaign for the AIR PIX, the next generation of the original AirSelfie, engineered with more features for a brand new user experience.
AIR PIX will become the personal photographer of any selfie-addicted. It’s pocket sized and ready to take a shot anytime, anywhere.

Measuring only 4.01” x 3.34” x 0.51”, AIR PIX is smaller than an iPhone X and its ultra-light chassis weighs less than 1.83oz, about the same as a golf ball. Its four powerful propellers are enclosed in the case to guarantee extra safety for the user, the greatest strength and resistance of the device and protection from external damages.
Everyone could take crystal clear and colorful selfie photos and videos impossible to get with a handheld camera, just by using this revolutionary aerial camera with a 12 Megapixel high resolution, 70° FOV wide angle lens.
The FullHD 1080p videos at 30fps and photos could be instantly and seamlessly shared to social media platforms directly from the app.
AIR PIX is also the first aerial camera that allows users to live stream on their own YouTube channels or Facebook pages and enjoy the best moments together with all their followers with no delay (the function is available just for iOS user at the moment).
The removable 8GB Micro SD Card will let users do hundreds of photos that they could edit in app thanks to a proprietary suite that features cropping, rotating, zoom and color correcting functions plus filters and stickers to customize photos in any way they want.
Geared toward casual photographers and videographers of every age, AIR PIX let anyone take stunning aerial selfie photos and videos with thee simple ways to pilot the camera:
the exciting new SYNControl feature allows users to pilot and take selfie photos or videos for the very first time without a connection to smartphone, using simple gestures and movements;
with the One-Touch autonomous flight, users can launch, fly and take selfies with the push of a button: by using “Capture Me” technology AIR PIX flies 3 to 5 feet away, finds you and takes 5, 10 or 15 photos or continuous video and then returns back all by itself; while, by selecting the “360° mode”, AIR PIX flies several feet away and takes multiple photos or video while rotating to capture everything around the user;
finally, the highly intuitive app allows also to fly AIR PIX manually through simple, familiar swipes of the joystick.

The AIR PIX goes together with its own power bank, not just an accessory but the element that defines the whole AIR PIX experience. By giving it the continuous energy boost, the “vitamin” for the AIR PIX, the aerial camera is always ready to shoot a selfie. The AIR PIX will be inserted in this portable docking station that recalls its same cool and unique design and will be continuously recharged by the battery.

AIR PIX on Indiegogo
To give selfie lovers an exclusive first look at AIR PIX, the company is now launching an Indiegogo campaign that will last till June, 28th. Consumers can preorder AIR PIX on the crowdfunding platform:
for the first two days, they could enjoy a special 23% off discount;
for the first two weeks consumers could benefit from the Super early bird offer that provide a 20% off discount over the retail one;
from the 15th day on, Early bird consumers could preorder AIR PIX for $85.00 instead of $99.00;
special deals are available for consumers who are willing to buy multiple products (two pack or four pack options).
Additionally, the power bank will be available as part of the AIR PIX package for the discounted price of $19 (instead of the $40 retail price).

The devices will be delivered worldwide just in time to be used for summer vacations.

“We have developed the AIR PIX as the AirSelfie’s most affordable and intuitive entry-level aerial camera,” said Greg Appelhof, General Manager of AirSelfie Inc. “It complements the rest of the AirSelfie line by appealing to a younger, less tech savvy and more novice demographic than the other aerial cameras in the line. We really believe Indiegogo is the perfect place where such an innovative device could have its best launch around the world.”

For additional information and other opportunities to support the project, visit the AIR PIX Indiegogo page.

source : AirSelfie Company


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